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The official website of Christian recording artist Ryan Stevenson


Over the last couple of years, it’s been very easy to see the constant stress, tension, and disunity within our society. We are such a distracted culture, and I feel like the first thing we do in the wake of tragedy is attempt to speak to the issues at hand. I believe that the only answer that will shift our nation is believers coming back to the feet of Jesus; to living out the Gospel plainly and blatantly for the world to see! Only by getting back into alignment with the heart of Jesus will our lives then become a projection of the One we’ve encountered in intimacy, and this is how we show the Gospel, the good news, to today’s culture!
— Ryan Stevenson

5-day devotional series on the bible app

In a world of constant noise and chaos, the quest for hope is at a historic high! The rescuing hope for the world is not found in political band-aids, social programs, and committees, but only in the transforming power of the Gospel. My prayer is that this devotional will inspire you to focus less on adherence to doctrine, principal, and legalism, but focus more on radical devotion to Jesus!